Why I like being and entrepreneur Day 2

Day two as an entrepreneur.

Today took a little more discipline than yesterday.  This morning when the 5:30 alarm went off I was tempted to hit snooze.  But a voice inside me said if you do this now you will always do this.  Do not fall prey to this pattern.  My husband who usually has wise words of wisdom encouraged me to sleep a half an hour more so that we can get up at the same time.  I considered his proposal but I never thought that the enemy would use him to try and persuade me to become lazy on my second day.

I must prevail, so I got up and I must confess that I did do yoga, but it was a lot of laying down yoga.  I stretched, I prayed I meditated; I kept my eyes closed because I wanted to be one with the spirit.

By 7 am my new schedule says I should eat, shower, and dress.  This is where you ask me “what the hell, isn’t being and entrepreneur all about making your own hours?” Well yes, it is but if you know anything about all the greats like Tony Robbins, Arnold “Get in the Chopper” Schwarzenegger, and the rest have a morning routine.  I being a Sagittarius, as I mentioned, am not one to conform. Therefore I knew it was paramount to my success to create a schedule.  Not only for me, but also for my lovely video gamer teenager that insisted 5 hours was not enough time daily to create a successful youtube channel.


Anyhoo.  By 12 I couldn’t do it any longer I took a nap awoke at 1 which made me 4 minutes late stepping into my home office.  I laugh out loud because nothing has changed there since I retired from teaching last Thursday.  I am always a little late for something.  You can blame it on my birth I came into this world at 8:10, ten minutes after the normal workday starts.  It’s in my DNA, I can’t help it.  Wait, I should get some coaching for that.  Do you know anybody?

About 2 o’clock I realized I had no idea what I was doing and I thought I should ask someone what I should do next, then I remembered there is NO ONE to ask.  Maybe my husband would know?  No, I can’t ask him, this is a woman-owned business, which goes against everything I stand for.  So I sat there for a couple of minutes thinking really hard, but thank God the phone rang.  I know I am not supposed to take personal calls at work but it was my BFF so I had to answer it.  I did tell her that I was not allowed to take calls, she promised to be brief, and she assured me that it was work related.  She began to tell me the lady that I had been coaching happened to call her and tell her what a remarkable job I was doing and that she wanted to convey the depth of the gratitude my client felt for me and my BFF since she gifted her the coaching sessions. Yes, you can do that. Inbox me, I know the boss, I can get you a good deal.

At 3:00 pm I was watching the clock.  You know the feeling.  When you are done with one project but not necessarily interested in starting another one before the day is over.  I knew I had to be aware and not totally immersed in my intellection (click this link to watch this video for more information on that) because my teenager’s video gaming friend was coming over to spend the night and I needed to sound somewhat intelligent when his mom came in the house.  Sometimes I may be quite and not say anything, giving the daft look of idiocy, but my mind in really thinking about several things at once.

Shortly after the boys were settled I went back in the office for round two.  I never did figure out what else to do.  Let’s just say everything in the office is significantly more organized.

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