Why I like being an entrepreneur. Day One.

TODAY rewrites my career title from Elementary teacher to Entrepreneur.  I have to tell you I already feel better just by the sound of the name in which I know refer myself to.  You see somewhere along the lines of teaching society stopped holding teachers in high regard and now refer to them as glorified babysitters.  Entrepreneurs, aside from being called something in French are more likely to raise eyebrows given the classy nature and station of the profession.  Or it could just be me.  Either way, I know now that the only child I need to care for is my own and just to keep on foot in the teaching arena, the only parent I have to pretend to appease is his father, whom no longer is my husband, Thank God.  Anyway, I do realize that this is my first day on the job and that I don’t know everything, but I can easily define the perks to why this is all so amazing to me.  First I want to start with; I am the only one in my office. This is a major plus to me.  Because according to my strengths finder test I have Input, Learner, and Intellection. All of these thinking strengths leave me very annoyed when I don’t have time to do so.  Say, I don’t know…, your family wants a piece of you and you are spread in three different directions and you just need time to think. Sometimes the only way I know how to manage that is to give each one a number, the problem then becomes that I myself don’t get a number and my very core is screaming for a mental rest or at least time to process the thoughts that help me navigate the world.

“ A work environment where I have time and space to think and reflect before responding will bring out your best.”  – Intellection In careers

Moving on.  Footwear.  I no longer have to wear shoes that hurt my feet.  Currently, I am wearing pink flip-flops.  I am aware that they don’t match my Emerald Green Tee but I am so comfortable.  This too is a major plus because I won’t spend oodles of dollars on podiatrist fees and co-pays!

To recap, we got not so grouchy because I had time to think, not so grouchy because my feet aren’t crammed into business casual bullshit shoes that they don’t make be enough for my Scandinavian genetics.

Better health.  Of course, the previous two things help me to stay happy ( a vital mood since I am a Happiness Coach) but they also contribute to better health.  Better mental health is established by not doing sh*t that you hate.  Another way to increase better health is to drink a lot of water.  Am I right?  It totally amazes me that I have not shriveled up and cracked open because of the lack of hydration I had to endure.  Listen when you are taking care of 48 kids daily there is very little opportunity to pee.  Consequently, there is no reason to drink a lot of water for fear of peeing one’s pants before the Secretary can get off the phone and cover your class.   However, as an entrepreneur, you can drink whatever you want.  I had several glasses of water and conveniently have a bathroom two paces from my desk.  AHH isn’t life grand?  When you can go potty any time you want to know you hit the big time!

Yes, today has been a good day.  As I write this I look at the clock not to skedaddle out of here but because eventually I have to feed myself and the other humans that live with me, although I have had such a nice quiet day at the office I am really sad that my day is going to end.

But then again, I would be lying if I said I made tons of money and everything was roses.  I will make money right, after all, it was only day one!

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