TOP 5 HAPPINESS TRENDS and why they are wrong!

By Darlene M. Ramirez

Everyone strives for happiness and most people deserve to be happy however below is a top five list of happiness trends that will give you a frowny face! 


  1. Happiness is buying a new fashionable item.

This is called hedonistic happiness and only lasts as long as the trendy fashionable thing stays in style.


  1. Happiness is becoming famous.

This will cause you to make inappropriate videos on you tube.


  1. Happiness is being wealthy or at least appearing so.

Buying things you can’t afford will ultimately leave your bank account very unhappy.


  1. Happiness is having a jet pack and a security robot.

Both of which have a high price tag and let you land in the middle of a street or commit suicide.


  1. Happiness is meeting your on screen super hero.

Only to find out she is not in costume and she’s not really superhuman. 




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