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Welcome to me Pretty Sassy Attitude or as I like to call it MY P.S.A. THURSDAY. 

My name is #HappinessCoachDarlene and I would like to bring something to your attention.  As your happiness coach, it is my job to bring awareness to the world regarding happiness and what actions can cultivate or kill the happiness around us. 

Today I want to talk to you about the first way to kill the happy vibe around you.  When someone comes to work smiling and cheerful and you or another coworker asks in a very Judgmental way “ What are you so happy about?”  When those negative words escape some grouchy person’s lips you have just killed the happiness vibe in that space and perhaps for the whole day for anyone that was in earshot of that garbage that just came out of someone’s negative pie hole.  And listen I get it, some of us are not morning people or afternoon people or were brought up to put others down.  I am guilty of doing the same thing,


PEOPLE HAVE THE RIGHT TO BE HAPPY, THEY CAN PURSUIT HAPPINESS it’s in the constitution and WILL SMITH  made a movie about it so you know it’s true. 

SO PLEASE FROM  This FB broadcast or blog post on, don’t ever pass judgment on someone that is happy again. 


DON’T EVER TELL SOMEONE THEY CAN’T POSSIBLY BE HAPPY, or any other negativity that you think you can share about happiness.  Since I started this coaching journey I read books on happiness and what I found will change the way you think.  So if you were like me cutting someone down because they have a smile on their face you have to change your way of thinking.  Let me share with you what I have found so we can all make a move and make the world a happier place.  I want happiness to spread faster than negativity.  So look me up Darlene Ramirez Boss Lady of  like follow share my business page, join the FB group unlock the happy for the fun happy stuff.  And let me coach you on how to identify what big dreams would make you happy and how to make it a central part of your day. 

Hugs and happiness that’s it for PSA THURSDAY 

Catch me next Thursday for more of my PRETTY SASSY ATTITUDE, or PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT. he he

 Next week we can talk about cultivating but for now, stop killing the happiness around you!

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