Darlene is a certified teacher with a BA in Hispanic Studies.  Bilingual and well traveled, she lived in Spain for almost a year and loves learning about other cultures.  Darlene in a life-long learner and a big fan of Udemy.com where she eats classes for breakfast.  Sh loves to read just check out HAPPY BOOKS 2017.  She is a Certified Happiness Coach and Laughter Facilitator, and lover of all things happy!

Laughter facilitator, speaker, certified educator.

  • Willing to act crazy to get you or your employees to laugh, as a laughter facilitator (ask me how)
  • Happy to speak to those about finding their happiness
  • Ready to coach your child to set goals, overcome change and meet new challenges.
  • Ready to serve families in need of a vision for their future after loss
  • Willing to work within your budget
  • Happy to work with any religious affiliation

Life coaching

  • If you’re ready to unlock the happy, I’m ready to guide you there
  • You deserve a unique coaching session without canned responses
  • I offer a personal growth plan to reinvent yourself to find happiness
  • We can collaborate and  break down your barriers and overcome your fixed beliefs
  • I can provide powerful experiences to restore your well-being
  • We will work together to discover the possibilities for your better future
  • I can help by phone, email, skype, in person, or even daily texts within your budget
  • We can team up to unlock new beginnings for yourself on a topic you choose
  • I am looking for motivated people who want to go from locked away dreams to unlocking your happy

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