OCTOBER 15th Remembrance Day!

October is your chance to do something to remember your baby.  Make a Christmas ornament, light a candle, create a gratitude list about your baby, and remember you are not alone.  On this day and during this month, many will Continue reading OCTOBER 15th Remembrance Day!

A Baby to Someone.

”adjective [aj-ik-tiv] noun 1. Grammar. any member of a class of words that modify nouns and pronouns, primarily by describing a particular quality of the word they are modifying, as wise in a wise grandmother, or perfect in a perfect score, or handsome in He is extremely handsome. Other terms, as numbers ( one cup; twelve months), certain demonstrative pronouns (this magazine; those questions), and terms that impose limits ( each person; no mercy) can also function adjectivally, as can some nouns that are found chiefly in fixed phrases where they immediately precede the noun they modify, as bottle in bottle cap and bus in bus station. Synonyms: modifier, qualifier, identifier, describer, describing word.” I am always amazed how the media covers tragic events.  The words they say paint a picture of the deceased, but I see Continue reading A Baby to Someone.

Mother’s Day



May is a hard time for women that have experienced loss.  Most moms celebrate their mother’s day in a normal white picket fence kind of way.   Yet, what about the women who had a loss?  What about us, the Other Mothers?  You know the other mothers, with babies too young to name. The other mothers with babies too frail to stay on earth, mothers with babies no one else can see.  Are we still mothers? The answer is yes, we are still mothers.  We are the Other Mothers.  Mothers full of hope.  Mothers of a student whose biological mother took motherhood for granted.  NO, we may not be a mother that enjoys homemade cards, flowers, and dinners out, but we must recognize that we are a mother to others and sometimes that other is ourselves.  So, this May instead of focusing on our temporary inability to be a white picket fence mom, mother yourself instead.  Take this time to download this free pdf sMOTHER YOURSELF IN MAY and become the other mother.  The stronger, happier, and healthy mother to yourself.  “Mother May I?”  “Yes you May!”

Self Care



After a loss, you may wake up one day and decide just decide, “That’s it, I’m done grieving!”

What then?

What then?

You enter a new phase, a new challenge, a new calling.  I’m talking about Self Care.  Self Care is a time to concentrate on getting your mental and physical body in order.  This is the time of renewal. Perhaps your body has begun its cycle and ready to begin anew.

Maybe your mind  is tired of being sad.  Just like spring, your feminine health begins to peek its head from under layers of the old.  And finally, there is a ray of hope and clarity to go forward.