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About three years ago, I was transitioning into a new career and was in need of some mentoring to navigate the many new challenges I was facing at the time. I met Darlene through my workplace and it was immediately apparent that she had the kindness, insight and honesty to be a source of guidance. Since she has been my mentor, she has given me valuable advice in the form of stimulating conversations, memorable parables (don’t lose your ass!), and concrete steps to action that have helped me further my goals (fiver mindmaps!) Darlene has the knack of giving you guidance when you need it most and leaving you feeling energized to grasp your next big thing. Furthermore, she leads by example and most definitely practices what she preaches with a courageous spirit that I find very inspiring! I look forward to seeing how far she will go and I feel lucky to have her continued support as a mentor!
-Esteban Perez-Palmer
St. Petersburg, FL

Darlene Ramirez has been an incredible coach to me for the last 3 years. She has helped me grow professionally and personally. I would recommend Darlene to anyone who is looking for a coach. I know when I am talking to her she is really listening to what I have to say and I can definitely tell that she cares for the people that she is coaching.

-Christina Miller Largo, FL

I went through a challenging situation last year. During that time Darlene was a co-worker of mine. She was always so supportive, encouraging and motivating. She would say just the right things to make me see through all the negatives in my situation, and have an optimistic outlook to get through it. Through my time working with Darlene she always had a positive attitude and outlook. Just being around her lifts your spirits! I would highly recommend Darlene as a happiness coach! 

Jena Boylan, Fl

  I have made several positive changes in my life since attending coaching with Darlene and best of all learning to tell myself things are ok to stop shoulding on myself without guilt! Thank you Darlene!

Wendy, New York

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