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Here is a page on content that can help you navigate the entrepreneurial journey you are on! As a Happiness Coach, I am also an Entrepreneur and I know the path you are on can seem overwhelming.  That is why I created this page for you to stay encouraged and allow you to glean from the lessons I have learned. Let’s get started.

To have the courage to make this journey I read She Means Business by Carrie Green. Click on the title to find the book at Amazon. From there I was able to quick my job after 16 years and become #HappinessCoachDarlene. However I didn’t just jump from a secure paycheck to no paycheck, I followed Dave Ramsey’s  financial advice and was able to save enough to last me 6 months of bills.  Click on his name for more information.  Once I had My finances covered albeit a very tight budget, I was able to read Book Yourself Solid by Michael Port  and take classes on to teach me what I didn’t know about coaching and business.  Again click on either of those names to take you to the sight.

Now before you start to hyperventilate I will tell you it is really important to have a coach to help you through the process and I would be lying if I said I did it all by myself.  When you are starting out there are so many resources that tell you what to do it really becomes information overload and hard to know which move to make first.  That is why I highly recommend getting your our coach to help you stay organized, focused and productive.  The last thing you want to do is get too frustrated to get started.  Here is a list of women who have helped me get where I am today. I recommend Aprille Hunt, Robin Bruce, and Ronda A. White. THREE COACHES? I know what you are thinking, yes THREE COACHES.  If you want to get to the Olympics you have to have a coach.  I want to be a successful entrepreneur so I employ whomever I can ( and my budget will allow) to motivate me to the goals I have.  This will take time and money but investing in yourself is the first step to getting you ready for your new adventure.  Click HERE for a guide on what to ask coaches before hiring them and avoid coach hurt e.g. spending a lot of money and getting nowhere.

Oh, don’t forget you need some business cards and advertisement merch.  I recommend these guys.  Ask for Cass and tell him I sent ya! Or click on and see for yourself.


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