OCTOBER 15th Remembrance Day!

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October is your chance to do something to remember your baby.  Make a Christmas ornament, light a candle, create a gratitude list about your baby, and remember you are not alone.  On this day and during this month, many will remember what they don’t have.  Be bold, be different and remember what you did have, if only for a brief and beautiful moment.  Remember the love you are able to feel that may have brought you to your grief, the hope that you felt and the disappointment.  Feelings and emotions are a powerful reminder that we can love, we can hope, we can dream, do not give up!  Find the breath within you to become the champion your little one deserves.  This is your time to act, face your fears and move forward, be free of you grief in October.  Don’t stay miserable, yes you have been knocked down, but this month put down your grief, put more energy in the month of remembrance.  Don’t wait around for someone to help you remember, you remember, and that is all that matters.  Make your move, do some physical thing that will help you join the group of mothers and fathers that also remember in the month of October.  Your dreams don’t live in the grief, your dreams live in hope, love, and opportunity to remember in a healthy way.  Find your way to remember, don’t stop breathing, don’t stop fighting through your hard times.  Find your vision in this month, allow yourself to get motivated to move forward.  Allow yourself to get to the next level of grief, whatever that next step is for your.  Have the courage to get to the next level.   You are important and what you have gone through is hard, but it is time to stop telling your story and show the world what you are truly made of during this hard time.  Have the faith to move forward, where you are today is not where you will always be.   “These hard times have not come to stay they have come to pass”- Les Brown.

For creative ideas to celebrate in October check out my you tube video.

Image result for october 15 infant loss

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