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Advanced Coaching $69/month


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Why having a life coach is right for you

Unlock The Happy personal happiness coaching allows you to identify what makes you happy and gives you permission to make that a central part of your life. Known for cultivating happiness Darlene helps women and men benefit from having a coach to uphold their personal happiness through coaching. Reliable, honest, customer service driven, Darlene is an advocate for happiness and will help you unlock yours.

Using Foster and Hick's 9 step process from the book How We Choose to be Happy, Darlene will assist you in unlocking your own happiness through directly focused coaching sessions.

More than just a coach I am also a: author, speaker, caregiver, educator and laughter facilitator. I practice cultivating happiness daily and encourage everyone I meet, to LIVE LIFE HAPPY. I am certified as a happiness coach, laughter facilitator, and educator. I won Best Table Topics at my first Toastmasters meeting and have participated in several telesummits. Let's Get Coaching your happiness awaits.


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