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Why having a life coach is right for you

Unlock The Happy personal happiness coaching allows you to identify what makes you happy and gives you permission to make that a central part of your life. Known for cultivating happiness Darlene helps women and men benefit from having a coach to uphold their personal happiness through coaching. Reliable, honest, customer service driven, Darlene is an advocate for happiness and will help you unlock yours.

Using Foster and Hick’s 9 step process from the book How We Choose to be Happy, Darlene will assist you in unlocking your own happiness through directly focused coaching sessions.

More about Darlene

More than just a coach she is also an: author, speaker, caregiver, educator and laughter facilitator virtual book club hostess and professional book reviewer. Darlene practices cultivating happiness daily and encourage everyone she meets, to LIVE LIFE HAPPY. She is a certified happiness coach, laughter facilitator, and educator. She won Best Table Topics at her first Toastmasters meeting and has participated in several telesummits. For more information on how she can serve you email her at darlene@unlockthehappy.com


Still not sure coaching is right for you?  Call me for a free consultation. 727-771-5714


I wrote a book review for Taynia and this is what she said
“I think it’s perfect! I love it, Darlene . I believe you offer a great service. Thank you so much!”

-Taynia A. Coleman
Owner of Destined With A Purpose

Darlene’s virtual book clubs are the best! I’ve participated in two of them so far and I can’t wait to jump into the next one. Darlene M Ramirez is a master facilitator, asking questions that force you to mine the depths of the text to improve your life – it’s personal. Your perspective is enhanced by what the other participants share. It’s community!

-Joann O’Neil Mom Mentor

I met Darlene through my workplace and it was immediately apparent that she had the kindness, insight and honesty to be a source of guidance. Darlene has the knack of giving you guidance when you need it most and leaving you feeling energized to grasp your next big thing. Furthermore, she leads by example and most definitely practices what she preaches with a courageous spirit that I find very inspiring!

-Esteban Perez-Palmer ESE Specialist

The importance of book reviews.

Why you want a review.  Pick up any book right now, no really… stop reading this and pick up any book right now, turn it over and read the back.  Somebody, somewhere, put their personal stamp on that book.  And let’s face it you have no idea who that somebody is but the review helps you understand that the book has something to offer and someone liked it. Reviews are part of our purchasing power it helps readers take a chance on YOUR book.   You want more sales and NO returns.  The more information you give your reader the better it is for you.


In the following blog posts you will find samples of the reviews I wrote for individual authors.  The reviews expressed here are protected by copyright.

Before you say “I do” ask yourself are you Relationship Ready?
Taynia Coleman creates a play by play that will assist you in your marriage and remove the guesswork that often leads to unnecessary breakdowns in communication. Starting with a sincere task of getting right with you, this book is wisdom filled and thought-provoking. Taynia provides the reader with encouragement to do the hard work to build a successful relationship with accompanying prayers that assist you through relationship resistance of everyday life, and space to journal about it. “Loving each other is more than just words, it is a lifestyle”, is the honest antidote every couple old and new need.This small but powerful read should be on every beside of married couples and the first gift young married couples should open. An unapologetic guide born of the author’s own experiences, Taynia gifts you a practical guide for communication success, one I wish I had early in my own personal relationship.
–Darlene Ramirez, coauthor of Moments in Life The Caregiver’s Story

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